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I liked it. And it inspired me, so I have no complaints.

Haha… glad that me teaching my siha a lesson did some good. c:

Always do good, Kati. Always. *hugs*

Complicated reasons or no, that’s ridiculous - that’s enough info that she should have shown you the form ahead of time. Sorry to hear it’s been rough. >.

Thanks dear. And I heartily agree. Good news is that I’m more than halfway done, and I’ll have their form for next summer, so it can’t sneak up on me again. My bosses are sympathetic, but what can I do but just slog through it?

YAY! *glomps*

*laughs and glomps back* I feel so loved right now!


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    That’s preeetty awesome :3 I dunno if you would be interested, but at the website I RP with Original characters, you should sign up for that! Then you and me can RP. :) I have 3 OCs right now, an asari, a turian and a human.

That sounds wonderful. Maybe soon? I want to see if I can get a handle on RP ing again. It’s been a little while.


grant-me-forgiveness asked:

(( SIHA PLS ))


*blink blink* Wha’d I do?


Anonymous asked:

Let me rephrase that. You're married to who I wish was my boyfriend.


*points up* Nolan! Nolan! There’s an Anon here who wants to talk to you! Come show her (her, yes?) your pretty face! Turn on the charm, bebe.

Of course you don’t. *flaps hands at you* You apparently have no mirrors at home. Or they’re all broken, or warped like the ones at carnivals. Cuz you don’t see yourself clearly AT ALL. No worries, though! I DO. And I like what I see. If I was younger, and not married….   >.>


Don’t worry! Be happy! *wanders off singing* Sorry. I know you’re too young to get that reference. :-/

Well, when I hear that I hear a fish singing and flopping while mounted on a wall.  Idk if that’s what you were referencing :3

*hysterical laughter* Nooo…. that song predates the talking/singing wall fish. Which I had just about managed to block out of my memory. Thanks!

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*shrug* I dunno.

>.> Somebody ruves you! ..okay. Somebody ELSE ruves you.


Anonymous asked:

You're married to my boyfriend. Awkward.


Hee hee! If it helps, I’ve got a RL hubby at home! (And an autistic boyfriend at work….)